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Executive Director - Full Time

11/22/2021 8:33 AM | Mindy Zaubi (Administrator)

posted 11.22.2021

Executive Director

Location: The Children's Clinic, Portland, Oregon

How to Apply: Please email a copy of your resume to Denise Roberts, droberts@datadx.com

Download Full Job Description, Requirements and Competencies Here

The executive director oversees the entire clinic, ensuring that each area is performing at its highest capacity while ensuring following of policies, procedures, quality,and ethical standards.The executive director is responsible for setting goals and objectives for the management team, while providing direction and support for personal and company growth opportunities.The executive director reports directly to the Board of Directors and Shareholders and conducts business in a manner consistent with Board direction, while maintaining the integrity of the team
and company.

The successful candidate is a democratic and servant leader, ensuring all opinions and concerns are heard and addressed appropriately. This individual will need to have a strong presence at all three sites, encouraging strong working relationships without micromanagement. This individual will foster creativity, collaboration, and a positive work environment. This is imperative, as this positive attitude will be reflected back to the patients, as well as the parents trusting us with their children’s' care.


Promotes the delivery of exceptional patient service by listening to concerns and needs of customers; reacting positively and effectively to patient needs and concerns; enforcing patient service standards among staff; serving as an approachable and friendly role model for staff;and advising the Board of
changes needed to assure exceptional patient service.

Encourages professionalism in the administration of clinic services by interacting in a respectful manner; communicating in a clear and non-blaming manner; refraining from participating in office gossip or the spreading of false or demeaning information; leaving personal distractions at home; demonstrating positive and caring attitude, including times of stress and high patient load,and dressing professionally and being well groomed.

Fosters a team environment by engaging in open and honest communications with staff and Board members; communicating in a collaborative manner; demonstrating good listening skills and respect for the views of others and supporting others by offering help, accepting help,and asking for help.

Evaluates and advises the Board on the introduction of policies and programs to produce greater efficiency and/or improved patient service.

Evaluates workplace needs and output on an ongoing basis to assure fair and equitable distribution of workload between team members.

Regularly attends and actively participates in required meetings with constructive feedback.

Assures the clinic policies and practices, including but not limited to confidentiality and financial obligations, follow applicable laws and regulations.

Travels between clinic locations to assure job responsibilities are fulfilled and team-orientation is promoted.

Business Development
Recommends, develops, and updates strategic long-range plans to support the clinic’s philosophy and goals. Work with board to design and implement strategic plan including setting of goals, objectives,and milestones.

Informs Board about current trends, problems,and activities in the medical field to facilitate policy making.

Participates with governing board in charting and implementing the clinic’s mission in response to the changing needs of the community.

Recommends clinic policy positions regarding administrative and legislative matters.

Ensures compliance with all regulatory agencies governing healthcare delivery and the rules of accrediting bodies. Continually monitors operations, programs, physical properties. Initiates appropriate change.

Human Resources
Serves as liaison and channel of communication between the board and its committees, the medical and administrative staff.

Assist and lead management team in establishing philosophy, policies, and objectives related to staffing, performance standards,and policies/procedures.

Works collaboratively with managers to support the Human Resource needs of the clinic. Including uniformity with accountability, corrective action processes, and changes to current policies and procedures to ensure consistent clear guidelines.

Directs and supervises clinic activities through management team while consulting with management team on a regular basis.

Oversees clinic wide sponsored events aimed and maintaining high staff morale levels and encouraging interactions with all team members.

Delegate responsibility and authority to management team while retaining overall responsibility and accountability.

Reinforce management team responsibilities and authority levels while maintaining oversight and accountability.

Resolves any medical-administrative problems and keeps lines of communication open with staff to ensure high employee morale and a professional, healthful clinic atmosphere.

Mediate,when necessary,with management team and staff members on matters benefiting from a third party; ensuring lines of communication always remain open.

Download Full Job Description, Requirements and Competencies Here

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