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Practice Administrator - Full Time

06/08/2021 3:54 PM | Mindy Zaubi (Administrator)

posted 6.9.2021

Practice Administrator

Location: Salem, Oregon

How to apply: Please email resume and cover letter to, Rebecca Nielson, bnielson@mceyeclinic.com

REPORTS TO: Physician Partners

JOB SUMMARY: This individual is responsible to the physician partners of the limited liability company for the administration, direction, and coordination of all practice activities, except those directly involving professional medical judgment.


1.   Extensive managerial experience, preferably within the health care industry.

2.   A minimum of 10 years of work experience, and a college degree or equivalent experience. An MBA and/or CPA would be preferred.  Equivalent accounting experience is acceptable.

3.   Working knowledge of standard accounting principles and have budgetary experience.

4.   Working knowledge of computers. Experience with a fully-integrated medical office software package would be extremely beneficial.

5.   Experience in negotiating general business contracts.

Essential Skills and Abilities:

1.   Quantitative and analytical skills.

2.   Ability to express their self, in writing and orally, with clarity and tact.

3.   Familiarity with taxation, professional corporations, and contracting issues.


1.   Business Planning

a.    Develops a business plan for the practice in conjunction with the management team. Makes recommendations for implementation, as well as time lines to be included.

b.    Maintains an organization and communication system with the specific objectives of enhanced operating efficiency.

c.     Works with the management team and outside consulting firms to develop a marketing plan to dovetail the practice goals set forth in the business plan.

d.    Works on recruitment and development of a medical staff consistent with the goals set forth in the business plan.

e.    Serves as primary interface with business consultants (legal, accounting, management consultants) to the practice.

2.   Financial Operations

a.    Works with the managing partner and outside accounting/consulting firms in preparation of an annual budget. The budget process is to be initiated at the outset of the fourth fiscal quarter, with completion in the month prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year.

b.    Develops a format for optimally useful weekly and monthly financial and management information reports.

c.     Reviews and analyzes monthly financial statements of the practice and related entities.  Prepares an executive summary, along with the financial statement package, for presentation to the Executive Committee.

d.    Ensures completion of the financial statement package within 30 days of the end of the previous month.

e.    Analyzes the cost/benefit ratio and feasibility thereof of special situations or opportunities for the practice.

f.      Works with outside accounting/consulting and legal firms regarding tax-planning issues affecting the practice.

g.    Provides direct or indirect approval of all practice expenditures.

h.    Works with outside accounting or consulting firm to develop appropriate internal controls.

i.      Institutes a cash management program to maximize return to the practice.

j.      Maintains an efficient purchasing system.

k.     Monitors the billing and collection process in order to facilitate a healthy turnover of accounts receivable.

3.   Personnel Management

a.     Recruitment, hiring, and dismissal of all personnel.

b.     Supervision, including preparation and monitoring of job descriptions, salary reviews, and personnel evaluations.

c.     Maintenance of employee files and records.

d.     Development of an appropriate management infrastructure in order to improve communication and efficiency.

e.     Organization of regular meetings of the management team and office personnel.

f.      Development of protocols for continuing education of staff.

4.   Business Overview

a.     Serves as spokesperson, when necessary, for the organization.

b.     Monitors practice fringe benefit programs.

c.     Oversees all insurance coverage, including malpractice, office contents and liability, life, disability, and business overhead (for the physicians), as well as any other practice related policies.

d.     Works on developing an in depth knowledge of the area marketplace.  This will include attendance at appropriate conferences.

e.     Oversees the computer system of the practice to ensure maximum utilization and increased practice efficiency.

f.      Conducts periodic reviews of management personnel who report to the position.

g.     Develops and maintains quality assurance guidelines so as to ensure compliance with third-party payers.

h.     Facilitates development of outcomes measurement and cost effectiveness guidelines, in order to enhance market position in the managed care environment.

Compensation Package

1.     Salary Range: $80,000-$120,000.

2.     Fringe Benefits:

a.    Vacation/continuing education leave: three weeks/year.

b.    Annual continuing education allowance of $2,000 per year.

c.     Sick leave: as per other staff.

d.    Salary continuation in the event of disability: 30 days full salary.

e.    Medical insurance: as per other staff.

f.      Life insurance: as per other staff.

4.   Termination Requirements: 60 days written notice by either party.

5.   Exclusive Employment:  Employee agrees to devote his full time and attention to the business affairs of the practice.

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