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ACMPE Update - October 2019

10/22/2019 9:45 AM | Mindy Zaubi (Administrator)

CMPE registration for the exams opened October 21! www.mgma.com/certification/board-certification/...

  • Exam dates – December 7 – 21, 2019
  • Registration dates – October 21 – November 4, 2019

The next ACMPE Board Certification Preparation Course begins this week but all sessions are recorded and available to watch online. Enroll for the ACMPE Board Certification Preparation Course by going to the link below:


Instructions: Click on link above and scroll down to ACMPE Board Certification Preparation Course, and "add to cart". This is free for MGMA members but you must “purchase” it to receive the link to the course.  

The live kick-off is Thursday, October 24 but you will receive recorded sessions on each domain in the Body of Knowledge. There will be a live wrap-up with Q&A on Tuesday, December 3. When you register for this webinar series you will be added to the ACMPE Certification Preparation Network (formerly Tennessee ACMPE Study Group) in the MGMA Member Community.  Along with the webinar prep course they will post reading materials and sample study questions on the ACMPE Certification Preparation Network.

As you study for the ACMPE Board Certification exams, both multiple choice and scenario based, keep in mind you might not find everything that you need to pass the exams in one place.

The Body of Knowledge is the blueprint for the exam: www.mgma.com/certification/board-certification/...

However the Body of Knowledge is not found in one set of review books. You are being examined on whether you meet the standard knowledge of practice administration and will need to dive deeper into best practices. You will need to utilize various areas of information found in the Review Series, MGMA fellow papers, MGMA Connection articles, government websites and more.

There are lots of resources in the above links to help you study. Also, MGMA Advance is a member exclusive benefit that provides a professional development pathway customized to your individual education needs. It starts with a 90-question, multiple choice assessment based on the domains in the Body of Knowledge (BOK). Based on your scores, you will receive a personalized online course list that you can review at your own pace. www.mgma.com/mgma-advance

Please let me know if I can help!

Deb Bartel, FACMPEacmperep@omgma.com

OMGMA ACMPE Forum Representative

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